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How to
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watch band:
Casio Wave Ceptor


In mid-November 2002 I purchased a Casio Wave Ceptor watch with stainless case and band.  I could not figure out how to adjust the length of the band to fit my skinny wrist, so, I posted a message on the newsgroup alt.horology.  In no time, I received a reply from a most helpful person signing the name "JM."  The following photos are provided in case anyone else has a similar problem. 

While trying to find out how to adjust the length of the band, I found this link: This link shows how to adjust one style of Casio stainless band but it's not my band.   My band has what appears to be a model number stamped into it -- the number appears on two links, one on each half of the band, in the link where the band joins the watch -- number is S-921L. 

What to do?  Here are some photos I made while I was trying to figure out how to adjust the band.

band-7.jpg (147588 bytes)

Overall view of the watch and band before adjusting the length of the band.  I removed the pin holding the clasp to end of the band that is in the left of this photo.  The pin holding the clasp to the band on the right end cannot be removed.

band-1.jpg (284608 bytes)

This is a photo of one end of the band -- I removed the pin attaching this end of the clasp to the band -- there is a pin under the word "Casio" that presses out with a paper clip.  This photo was taken before the one above -- in this photo the clasp is still attached to the band.

band-3.jpg (143218 bytes)

This out-of-focus photo shows where I detached the clasp from the band.   The pin that attaches the clasp to the band fits through the link on the far left.   Note that on each link there are two little "pin heads" and an arrow -- it's out of focus but look at the end of the links at the top of the photo and you see the arrows.  This is an underside view of the band.

band-4.jpg (189999 bytes)

Similar view to the photo directly above, only this one is in focus.   See the little "pin heads" and arrow on each link.  The pin lying beside the band is the pin that holds this end of the band to the clasp.  Look at the link on the right end, where the band joins the watch -- there you see the number S-921L.

band-5.jpg (245008 bytes)

Close up of top side of the band.  Same pin as in the photo directly above.

band-6.jpg (262021 bytes)

Photo of the end of the band from which the clasp will not detach.  The pin that joins the clasp to the band on this end does not come out -- at least, it will not come out by pressing hard on it with a paper clip or the point of an awl.

How to remove links?????

JM to the rescue.

JM sent me a link to this photo -- I copied the photo from his website and pasted it here.

links.jpg (126692 bytes)

Notice that JM uses a small flat-blade screwdriver to press out the retaining clip while holding against the band with another screwdriver.

Here are two photos I made of the process to remove the links.  Using JM's photo as a guide, I used a 2.4 mm jeweler's flat-blade screwdriver to press out the internal clip holding the link together.  This photo shows the screwdriver lying with its blade on the place to press -- push the clip toward the outside of the link.

rmvlnk-1.jpg (901361 bytes)

The clip has been pressed part-way out of the link -- this is as far as you can get it with the screwdriver.  Lying on the table to the right of the links is a clip that was removed from the band.  The needle-nosed pliers come into play in the next photo.

You must hold the band down because it does take some pressure to free the clip and to push it out to this position.  JM held the band with a second screwdriver.  I hold the band flat on the table, underside up, put the thumb and forefinger of one hand on the band to hold it down, put the screwdriver against the clip as shown, and push.   Be certain to keep the hand holding the band down elevated so if the screwdriver slips it does not stab your hand.


rmvlnk-2.jpg (891471 bytes)

Grasp the protruding end of the clip with the needle-nosed pliers and pull -- the clip comes out and the link can then be removed.  Of course, you must hold the band while pulling with the pliers; I took this photo with the pliers posed on the link so my hands will not be in the way of the photo.

And that's it.



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