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Summer 2000


RIDGES.JPG (74798 bytes)

Newman Ridge

Summer 2000; photo taken from top of Powell Mountain where Highway 58 crosses the Scott County - Lee County, VA line.  Looking south into Tennessee.   The most distant ridgeline is Newman Ridge, Hancock County, TN -- location of   one of the last concentrations of "Melungeons" in Appalachia.

YELOBUS.JPG (53302 bytes)

Rainy morning school bus ride.

May 2000.  On Highway 58, Scott County, VA, climbing Powell Mountain.

PICKING.JPG (92179 bytes)

Martin Guitars and a Kentucky Mandolin

Picking and singing at the Senior Citizens Center, Floyd County, KY.   Summer 2000.

FEET.JPG (26742 bytes)

Cloggin' Feet -- No Generation Gap Here

Old and young clogging at Floyd County, KY, Senior Center



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