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Two photos from July 1999 taken along the roads of Eastern Kentucky and Southwest Virginia.

COALTRK.JPG (73745 bytes)


Following 45 tons of coal, eastbound from Haysi, Virginia.


BIGCUT.JPG (107911 bytes)


Road cut, Pound Gap, Virginia - Kentucky Border

The photo does not do justice to this road cut -- this is the biggest, tallest road cut I have ever seen.  This photograph is taken standing half a mile from the cut along Highway 119, looking south.  The road coming toward you is Highway 23 that runs from South Carolina - Asheville, NC - Johnson City, TN - Kingsport, TN - Big Stone Gap, Norton, Wise, Pound, VA - Jenkins, Pikeville, KY and points north.  Leaving the Norton-Wise-Pound, VA area, 23 climbs uphill to the Kentucky line where it crosses at Pound Gap.  This road cut is on the Kentucky side, Virginia lies on the other side of the ridge, beyond the trees.

The cut is through solid rock.  There are even two small caves -- hidden behind the dirt mound on the left -- that were opened up while making the cut.  The rock strata are beautiful, running in long, slanted lines.

In this photo, Highway 23 goes to the left toward (NE) Jenkins and Pikeville, KY while Highway 119 heads to the right (W) toward Whitesburg, Hazard, and Harlan, KY.  I drive past this scene at least twice each month.


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