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Four-wheeling With Joe, My Son

Joe Schlatter, III, is my son and I am mighty proud of him.  As of October 1999, he is a student at East Carolina University, majoring in journalism.  He served seven years in the Army's 3d Special Forces Group.  He has a 1991 Jeep YJ-7 with some modifications to make it a mighty 4-wheeler.  He has added a lockout differential; that means that both rear wheels are pulling all the time.  He changed the gear ratio in the differential for a lower ratio.  The Jeep has a 2500cc 4-cylinder engine and runs on 33-inch rough terrain tires.  He has the usual electronics:  CB, GPS, CD player.  We participated in a Chrysler Corporation sponsored Jeep Jamboree in Williamsburg, KY, October 21 - 24, 1999.

The Jeep Jamborees are very well done and if you have a Jeep (CJ, TJ, YJ, Cherokee, Wagoneer) and want to put it through its paces, I recommend you check out their website, find a Jamboree near you, and sign up.  Experienced four-wheelers select a variety of trails from easy to very difficult.  They provide the meals; the Jamborees are in scenic areas; they have a lot of prizes on the last night; and the company is friendly.   Arrive the evening of Day 1, register, Jeeps inspected, select your trails.   Guides go with each group of drivers:  one in front, one in middle, one tail gunner.  Everyone has CB radios and each trail ride is on its own channel.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Click here for the Jeep Jamporee website

Here are some photos from our first Jeep Jamboree.  these photos are in jpeg format and they are fairly large files.  So, I have put each photo on a separate page.  Click on the link below to see a photo, return to this page with your browser's Back button, then go to the next photo.

joe_jeep.jpg (817269 bytes)

Here is 'da man.
Joe and his Jeep
1999 YJ-7

In the background is a fellow from Atlanta who ran two days of four-wheeling with his 5-year-old daughter whose favorite phrase was:  "Now Daddy, don't get wild!"  I believe the Wagoneer was his wife's -- he vowed to take it home dirty.

Here are links to the rest of the photos.

Serious mud and one Jeep seriously stuck.

                Jellico, Tennessee, from 3,500 feet.

                        Straddling the rut.

                                Busted tire bead 20 miles from nowhere.  Now what?

                                        Joe on top of a ridge overlooking Jellico, TN.

                                                Make that suspension work.

                                                        Wagoneer lifts a wheel.

                                                                             Pulling out.


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