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Here is a list of sites that I have visited and found interesting.  This is a   mixture of URLS, in no particular order.

  • Real-time video over the Inernet. Now this is really good stuff.  Are you aware of the fact that you can connect a video camera to your computer and transmit, over the internet, the picture that the video camera is taking?  Real time?  That is, if I visit your camera site on the WWW, I will see the image that your camera is shooting as it is being shot.  Take a look at this site.  It has links to all sorts of cameras.   For example, one guy has a camera focused on his cats' food and water dishes in his kitchen and, if the cats are there, you see them eating, drinking, lying around, and generally being cats.  And there are all sorts of other live cams here.

  • Celtic Web Art.  This is a really amazing site.  The lady who authored the site has designed and developed all sorts of artwork based on Celtic designs and themes.  You can view the artwork and, if you abide by her terms of use, you can download the art for use on your site.

  • Internet hoaxes. The internet is filled with hoaxes and bad information.  The Department of Energy maintains this site to keep their employees informed of the latest Internet hoaxes.  I have this site bookmarked and check it out every week or so.

  • Bartlett's Quotations.  Here is an on-line version of the famous reference work.

  • Sumo. During the three years that I was stationed in Japan, I became a fan of the Japanese national sport of sumo.  Here is the official sumo web site from Japan.  It's available in English and Japanese.   This site has history of sumo, details on the sport, information on great sumo champions, as well as current information on tournaments, wrestlers, and the like.

  • Urban Legends Web Site.  Ever hear the story about the lady/gentleman who ate a chocolate chip cookie at Niemann-Marcus/Nordstrom's/Mrs. Fields, liked it, asked for the recipe, and was charged $250?  And, to get even, this person is now distributing the recipe?  Never happened.  How about the one that Congress is considering legislation that would apply a long distance charge to every e-mail that you will send?  Not true.   Check out this URL for facts on these and other urban legends:

  • No listing would be complete without an invitation to visit my Vietnam War MIA Facts Site.



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