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Genealogy Notes

Rose and Joe

We are Rose Golden Schlatter and Joseph Augustus Schlatter, Jr.  We were married in Oxford, Alabama, on July 30, 1966. 

We have two children, Joseph A. Schlatter, III, and Stephanie Hope Schlatter.   They are twins, born in 97th General Hospital (US Army hospital), Frankfurt, Germany, October 3, 1968.

Rose's Family

Rose is from Oxford, Alabama.  Her father was Ernest Edgar Golden, born in Hico, Louisiana and her mother is Zelma Louise Cobb, born in Oxford, Mississippi.

Golden.  In Alabama, near the towns of Oxford and Anniston, is a small community named Golden Springs.  The community is named for Rose's great-grandfather Golden who was an itinerant preacher.  He established a home and small store near a good, reliable spring that soon became known as "Mr. Golden's Spring," later shortened to Golden's Spring, eventually becoming Golden Springs.

Cobb.  Rose's maternal grandparents were Raymond G. Cobb and Autrie White.   The Cobbs and the Whites were from the White Plains area of Calhoun County, Alabama.  Both families originated in Georgia. 


My father is Joseph A. Schlatter, Sr., born in Shaw, Mississippi, and my mother is Annie Lee Richardson, born in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

Schlatter.  My Schlatter grandparents were Adolph Schlatter and Emma Waldner.  Both of them were from Saint Gallen, Switzerland.   They immigrated to the US before the beginning of WW I. 

Adolph Schlatter was a baker.  Family legend has it that a friend of his in Memphis wrote to him and invited him to come to Memphis and open a bakery. 

  • My research shows that he made three trips to the US -- August 1890, June 1897, and October 1910.
  • I have a small notebook in which he made entries between 1903 and 1910.  From the entries in this notebook, it is clear that my Grandfather Schlatter married a woman named Louise Kleiner, probably in Memphis, TN.  They had a child and they operated a bakery in Senatobia, MS.
  • In 1908 (??), Adolf, Louise, and "the baby" returned to Switzerland where he made entries in the notebook regularly until July 1910.
  • Then, in October 1910, he arrived in the US with my grandmother, Emma Walnder Schlatter.
  • We have no further records of Louise and "the baby."

Emma Waldner lived past the end of WW II.  She had a brother, Louis, who came to Mississippi and worked in the bakery.  Later, Louis would be a baker at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C.


Richardson.  My maternal grandparents were Clarence James Richardson and Annie Lee Dudding. 

We have a small booklet titled Memoirs of Francis DuBose Richardson, written December 1, 1895.   I have a photocopy of the original.  There are no sources, footnotes, or bibliography in the booklet.  Instead, it appears to be what it claims to be -- the recollections of an individual who was a cousin of my great-great-grandfather.  These memoirs tell the following story:

  •  Around 1680 one John Richardson migrated from Great Britain to the James River area of the Virginia colony.
  •  In the early 1700's several of his children moved to the Cape Fear River area of North Carolina.
  •  Around 1750 members of the family moved to Sumter District, South Carolina.
  •  Several of the South Carolina Richardson's fought on the side of Francis Marion during the Revolutionary War.
  •  In the early 1800's there was a rush of migration to the West -- which, at this time, was Mississippi and Louisiana.
  •  In Dec 1808-Jan 1809, one of several Richardson brothers and a small party trekked to southwest Mississippi -- to what is now Wilkinson County -- where they cleared land and put in a cotton crop.  In the fall of 1809 they sold the crop, returned to South Carolina, packed up several other family members and "100 slaves" and returned to Wilkinson County, Mississippi, in January 1810 where they settled and prospered.

Dudding.  My maternal great-grandmother died when I was 12 years old and I remember a little about her.  She was Nina Anna Statia White and was married to Maurice Dudding.

Family legend has it that the Duddings lived in Putnam County, West Virginia and, in the late 1800s, they put their belongings on a flatboat and floated down the Ohio to the Mississippi, disembarking near the Louisiana - Mississippi border and making their way to a homestead near the village of Norwood, East Feliciana Parish, where they started farming.  My mother had an old dining table that came down the river on the flatboat; after her death, the table passed to me.  Another Dudding family heirloom that passed to me after my mother's death is "Nanny's Long Box." 

While researching the Dudding family, I found the Dudding Family Website -- it is an excellent site put together by an individual who is descended from the same Duddings I am related to.

There is in our family a copy of an old map of the area of Washington, DC, showing an area named "Duddington Pasture."  The family story is that this property belonged to the Duddings before they moved to West Virginia.

White.  The White family originated in Great Britain then emigrated to South Carolina.  They appear to have migrated from SC to southwest Mississippi, much as did the Richardson family. 

Future Work

I use the Family Tree Maker genealogy software from  Also, I subscribe to the search services and we have been able to track down a lot of our ancestors through records on that site.  I also use the following online genealogy search services:

Follow this link to our family tree on the Family Tree Maker genealogy site.

Miscellaneous Family History Notes

I have written several memos based on my genealogy research.  Here is a list of these memos with links to them.


My Grandfather Schlatter:  Adolf Schlatter
Louise Kleiner (Kleinert)
Adolf Schlatter's notebook, 1903 - 1910
Passenger Manifest, Ellis Island, 10/31/1910; Adolf and Emma Schlatter
The Dudding Dining Table
Nanny's Long Box
Memoirs of Francis DuBose Richardson
Joseph A. Schlatter, Sr., 1915 - 2005
Annie Lee Richardson Schlatter, 1924 - 2007




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