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Vietnam War Cobra
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The photos below show an AH-1 Cobra helicopter that saw service in Vietnam, now on display in the Veterans Memorial Park in Bristol Virginia-Tennessee.

Bristol Virginia City Manager Paul Spangler is a former Army aviator who flew fixed-wing aircraft in Vietnam.  He retired in 1989 to take the job as City Manager. 

Bristol TN-VA is a "twin city" with the Tennessee-Virginia state line splitting the town.  State Street -- the town's main street -- is divided down the middle by the state line with one side being in Virginia and the other in Tennessee.   On the Virginia side is the Veterans Memorial Park.  Paul worked for several years to obtain a Cobra helicopter that had flown in Vietnam and add the helicopter to the park.  In mid-2002, his efforts paid off and this AH-1 Cobra is now on permanent display in the Veterans Memorial Park.


cobra-2.jpg (26423 bytes)



cobra-3.jpg (38810 bytes)


The statues represent members of all military services in uniforms from WW II.   Note the gray marble and brick walkways.  These are paved with individual stones and bricks that can be purchased and engraved with a veteran's name, military service, and dates of service.



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