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My Favorite Automobile

For what it may be worth, here is a photo of my favorite automobile. 

wpe2.gif (30119 bytes)

The first VW that I drove was a 1957, red, with no fuel gauge. Had a reserve fuel tank and a handle on the front firewall; when it ran out of gas, just flip the handle and you had another gallon.

Next came a 1968 Type III, Fastback (dark blue).  Ordered it in the US for delivery in Germany.  Picked it up in Germany, drove it for most of a year, then returned to the States.  Wife kept the car while I was in Vietnam (1969 - 70).

In 1972, we sold the '68 and purchased a 72 Super Beetle (green) and a Chevy station wagon.

In 1973, sold the Super Beetle and purchased a 1973 Type III Squareback (light blue).   That car would stay in the family until 1990.  We shipped it to Taiwan, stayed there for two years, the shipped it back to US.  When I was assigned to Japan in 1990, I sold the '73 Type III to a friend.  It had 220,000 miles on it at the time.   His son ran it for another 120,000 miles then sold it.  I have lost track of it.

Between 1974 and 1990, I owned at various times, sometimes owning several at one time:

--  '69 Ghia (red)
--  '?? Beetle (red)
-- '72 Ghia 
-- '?? Beetle 
-- '?? Beetle convertible

I now own a yellow 1972 Super Beetle.  Because I drive a company car, the Beetle stays in the garage most of the time.  In 1998, I drove the Beetle a total of 380 miles.   I do all my own work on my VWs. 

Of all the VWs that I have owned, my favorite was the "73 Type III.   The car had all sorts of room, plenty of power, and was easy to work on.  Wish I had another Type III Squareback.

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