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Baby birds
nest on front porch


In the early spring, 2008, we notice a lot of activity by a pair of American Goldfinches who were flying around one of the porches on our house.  It was clear they were looking for a place to build a nest and they soon started a nest inside the light fixture hanging from the porch ceiling.

We locked the door so we wouldn't go onto that porch and disturb them.  Also, this is the porch where the Post Office, UPS, FedEx, etc., leave packages -- we roped off the stairs going to the porch so the birds would not be disturbed by deliveries.

Here's a photo of three fledgling goldfinches in the nest.  This picture was taken on 10 April 2008; a  few days later all three of them flew away.  Now -- 12 May 2008 -- a pair of house finches has taken over the nest.

In this photo you clearly see two birds heads -- the third head is between and behind the two that are looking at the camera.



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