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Joe's mother was Annie Lee ("Babe") Richardson Schlatter, born 21 October 1924 near Norwood, East Feliciana Parish, LA; died 18 March 2005, Knoxville, TN.

She loved flowers.  Actually, she loved everything in the natural world -- flowers, birds, critters, scenery, lakes, rivers, creeks.

Before we sold her home in Knoxville where she and her husband Joe Schlatter, Sr., lived for over 40 years, we retrieved several of her favorite plants:

  •  Our Lady of Guadalupe floribunda rose
  •  Yellow bearded iris
  •  Blue Dutch iris
  •  Day lilies
  •  Ajuga (a dark green ground cover with blue flowers)

The Our Lady rose and the ajuga went to our son, Joe III, where they are planted at his home near Fredericksburg, VA.  We brought the day lilies and iris with us to our home in Northumberland County, VA.  Joe's brother John also took some of the iris and ajuga to plant around his home.

The iris are thriving here along the Potomac River -- here are photos from May 2011.


The blue Dutch iris are from Babe's garden -- the yellow bearded iris to the left came from a neighbor whose iris were multiplying.

The following photos are of Babe's yellow and white bearded iris.  Note the garden marker "Babe's Iris."  This was a Christmas gift in 2010 from Joe's brother John and his wife Becky -- the marker is handmade and is quite a splendid addition to the garden.




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