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Gulf Coast House
(Destroyed by Katrina)

Building our
new home
on the
Virginia Northern Neck


 On Thursday, 10 July, our builder turned the house over to us and we started moving in today, Friday, 11 July.  Our first night to sleep in the new house was Sunday, 13 July.

As of 18 August:

  •  We have moved and our new house is now home.

  •  Our daughter came down on 12 July and stayed for four days to help move.

  •  Our son came on 11 July and helped with two truckloads.

  •  Carlos, the carpenter who worked on the house from beginning to end, came on Sunday, 13 July, and helped with two truckloads of heavy stuff.

  •  As of 18 August, we are still cleaning up odds and ends -- shelves, the workshop/shed, the garage.

  •   The garage is still half-filled with "mystery boxes" of stuff that we packed up before moving to Mississippi in 2005 -- we'll get to those boxes one of these days.

  •   We'll post photos of the house one of these days.


Use these links to follow the construction on our new house.

Return to new house first page  ( this page )
Our lot on the Virginia Northern Neck
Front elevation and floor plan.
Specifications and materials
Day 1: Culvert and clearing 
Update at end of week 1; 11-15 February 2008.
Digging and preparing footers; 20-21 Feb
Setting forms for concrete foundation walls, 23-24 Feb
Building materials on the site, 27 Feb
Foundation complete, 26-27 Feb
Sub floor under construction, 28 Feb
Walls going up, 29 Feb
Preparing to pour garage floor and shed slab floor
Pouring garage floor, framing garage and shed
Interior framing
Installing the roof trusses
Wiring and plumbing rough-in
Miscellaneous photos, 23 March 2008
Exterior photos, 24 March 2008
Photos with doors installed, 27 March 2008
Drywall (sheetrock) started, 7-10 April
Back porch floor started, 9-10 April
Hole and trenches for septic tank in, 10 April
Drywall ready to sand
Siding going on
Front and back porches
Septic tank, propane tank installed
18 April:  Porch columns, siding complete
Solar Tube skylights
Kitchen cabinets installed!!
Ceramic tile installation
First layer of trim
Fireplace and chimney
Kitchen countertops and porch ceilings
A look at the kitchen
Stonework around foundation
Front porch steps
Hardwood floors
Photos from 20 June ( three pages of pictures )
More to come.


Our house is being built by
Chris Flora -- C. L. Flora Construction
Bowling Green, VA.

Construction financing by
Bank of Lancaster
Kilmarnock, VA

Permanent mortgage financing by
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Alexandria, VA



In January 2005, we moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast where we started building a new house.  On 29 August 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed our home and the rest of the Gulf Coast.  We started chronicling the construction of our house on the Gulf Coast and stopped when the house was destroyed by Katrina.  To see what we did before Katrina, go to this link

After Katrina, we stayed with relatives in Louisiana for several weeks then returned to East Tennessee, near Joe's parents ( mid-Oct 2005 ).  After two years -- Oct 2005 to Nov 2007 -- during which time Joe's father and mother died, our son was married, and our daughter finished law school -- we settled on the Virginia Northern Neck. 

End 2007 - early 2008

We purchased a lot between the towns of Heathsville and Burgess, in Northumberland Country, Virginia, on the Potomac River.  Our lot looks across the Potomac to Point Lookout, Maryland, where the Potomac joins the Chesapeake Bay. 

Geographic coordinates are:  37 deg 57.709 min N,  076 deg 24.441 min W

This section of our family website will chronicle the building of our new house.   We trust this house will be completed and we won't have to move again.





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