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Gulf Coast House
(Destroyed by Katrina)

Building our
new home
on the
Virginia Northern Neck
-- Building materials --


Here are some photos of building materials on the site, ready for use.

Advantek sub-flooring.  This material is 3/4-inch thick OSB with a high glue content and with tongues and grooves cut into it.  If you look closely at the exposed edge you can see the tongues.  Later on you'll see photos of this being installed.  This forms the sub-floor onto which the finished floor is applied.

Bundles of wall studs -- the house will have 9-foot ceilings, so, these studs are cut to be 104-5/8 inches long.  That way, when the studs are assembled into a wall, the wall is 9 feet tall.  The blue material in the back is exterior grade 7/16-inch thick oriented strand board ( OSB ) -- this is the sheathing that will go on the roof, under the shingles.  Vehicles in the background:  Chili Pepper Red Mini Cooper is ours, white Ford truck belongs to Chris, our builder.


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