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Gulf Coast House
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Building our new house:
Kitchen cabinets installed!!

Big day today, 23 April 2008 -- kitchen cabinets were delivered on 22 April.   The driver and helper unloaded the cabinets onto the front porch because we were painting inside.  We applied two coats of primer on all walls and ceiling and one finish coat on the ceilings on the 22d.  After we finished painting, we moved the cabinets inside.  The cabinet installers came early Wednesday morning, 23 April, and installed the kitchen cabinets.  I left before they finished but here are photos of the cabinets arriving and being installed.

Cabinets are from Kraftmaid; they arrived on a short 18-wheeler.  Driver was able to back up to the front porch.


The cabinets are in the cardboard boxes you see on the front porch.

Here are Mr. Cooper (blue shirt, standing) and Tony almost finished installing the kitchen cabinets.


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