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Gulf Coast House
(Destroyed by Katrina)

Building our new house:
Front porch steps


A millwork shop in Richmond, VA, made the front steps that will go from the lawn up to the front porch.  Rose saw a photograph of some steps in a magazine; we gave that photo to our builder and he had the stairs made to match the photo.  Steps were delivered on 5 June -- here's a photo of the steps in the garage ready to be primed, painted, and stained.

The staircase is made of pressure treated Southern yellow pine underneath (the parts that will contact the ground) and Douglas fir.  The handrails curve and will be attached to the two columns in the center of the front porch.  The treads of the steps -- the part that you walk on -- will be painted with Cabot Solid Stain, Baked Brick color.  The rest of the staircase will be white.

Here's another view of the front stairs -- inside the garage for safekeeping.

Front steps in garage after painting.  The front and back porch floors will be the color of the steps.

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