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Gulf Coast House
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Building our new house:
First interior trim


By 1 May the inside of the house is really starting to look like a house -- the first layer of trim has been installed.  These photos are of the first day of trim installation.  I'll post more photos of the finished trim.

The first layer of trim consists of:

  • Install interior doors.
  • Install trim around:
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Baseboards
    • Crown molding (in great room and master bedroom)

Here are some photos of the work done by Alejandro Tamaz and his trim crew.

This is what the great room looked like on the afternoon of 28 April -- a busy place.  Standing with his back to the camera, working on the miter saw, is Alejandro, crew chief of the trim crew -- he is cutting a piece of crown molding to go around the ceiling of the great room.  Note the stack of molding on the right side of the photo and the pile of scrap underneath the miter saw.  The gentleman in the red shirt is Chris Flora, our builder and general contractor.  The man to whom Chris is talking and the man coming in the door are the fireplace installers.  The big cardboard box that is slightly obscured by Alejandro is the fireplace -- it will be installed in the big hole in the wall.

Here is some of the trim work -- bedroom #3.  Note:  trim around the window, includes window stool at the bottom of the window; closet doors installed; extra storage cabinet above the closet; baseboard trim around the floor.

Gentleman named Jose', a member of Alejandro's trim crew.  He is installing the pocket door between the dressing area and the master bathroom.  Note the double doors behind him -- these are a small closet in the master bathroom.

Looking down the hallway from bedroom #3.  Note the trim that has been installed: doors; trim around doors; baseboard trim.  Note at the bottom of the door at the end of the hallway are two pieces of trim without paint -- these are plinth -- a small decorative piece installed where two pieces of trim meet that are not identical.  These will be painted later.  The tall metal tube standing in the hallway is one of several pieces of chimney flue that are being installed in the attic for the fireplace.

Here's a window in the master bedroom showing the trim around the window and the baseboard.



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