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Gulf Coast House
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Building Our New House:
-- Drywall ready to sand and paint


The drywall (sheetrock) was hung 3-5 April and the drywall finishers started work on 7 April.  They applied two coats of drywall finishing compound and a third coat known as a skim coat.  The skim coat went on 15 April and the compound needs 48 or more hours to dry so it can be sanded smooth then painted. 

As of 17 April, the weather is perfect -- sunny, dry days with light wind.  So -- we opened the windows in the house to allow the drywall compound to dry completely.  The drywall finishers plan to sand on Saturday, 19 April.  We will go into the house on Monday, 21 April, and mask the windows and electrical fixtures with tape and paper.  We will install baseboard trim.  Then, we'll spray two coats of primer on the walls, trim, and ceilings and spray a finish coat of paint on the ceilings.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the drywall ready to sand.

Arch doorway from master bedroom into dressing area and walk-in closet; master bathroom is through the door that's visible through the arch.

Looking at the right front corner of the great room.  The doorway in the center of the wall goes into the master bedroom suite.  The window is one of six that look out onto the front porch.

View of the main part of the kitchen looking from the back porch, through the French doors.  The short blue-green wall is part of the kitchen island.  We will install three cabinets on the other side of this wall, making an island that's 10 feet long by 6 feet wide.  Notice the fireplace at the right edge of the photo -- that's at the end of the great room away from the kitchen.

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