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Suggested Reading

Here are books about LeConte Lodge, Mt. LeConte, and the Great Smokies that I have read or that have been recommended to me.

Books about LeConte and the Lodge

Mt. LeConte, by Paul J. Adams.  Published in 1966 by Paul Adams, this slim volume (63 pages, soft cover) chronicles Paul's activities on/around LeConte in the early 1920's.  At the urging of members of a committee that was working to have the Smokies established as a national park, Paul built a cabin on LeConte in 1925 to accommodate visitors, many of whom were influential in establishing the Park.  This book was published by Holston Printing Company, Knoxville TN; it has long been out of print.

A Natural History of Mount LeConte, by Kenneth Wise and Ron Petersen; 120 pgs plus index and list of flora found on Mt. LeConte.  Copyright 1998 by University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville TN.  Available from and other online sellers.  This book describes not only the natural history of LeConte, but also features several chapters, each of which is a tour up each of the trails going up LeConte.

Gracie and the Mountain, by Emily Ervin Powell.  Published 1981, revised with introduction and notes in 1996; 127 pages.  Gracie McNicol was a nurse, a single lady, living in Maryville TN in the Great Smokies' foothills.  Gracie hiked up LeConte over 200 times -- here is my article about Gracie.



More to come (December 2014)


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