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The LeConte Photo Album

This page is the start of an album of photos of, by, and about Mt. LeConte and LeConte Lodge.  As the number of photos increases, we will add pages to the photo album.  For now, here's our mountain.


Mt. LeConte
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Here's a map of LeConte, including the five trails.

My brother, John, provided several photos taken at LeConte Lodge during the summer of 1969 --  check out these photos -- see if you recognize anyone.  These photos are on three pages -- this link takes you to page one.

Here are photos submitted by Sarah Lockmiller who worked at LeConte during the summers of 1968 1972 and several special winter openings.   Sarah's sister, Jaye Lockmiller McKinney worked at the Lodge and two of their friends from Oak Ridge, TN, also worked at LeConte -- Peggy and Beth Burnett.   Follow this link to Sarah's photos.  She supplied the captions.  (10 Oct 2007)

5 October 2008:  Here are some GREAT photos submitted by Ken Attenhofer who worked at the Lodge in the early 1960's.  Ken and I worked at LeConte one summer together (but I don't recall which summer !).

Please submit your photos to the webmaster for inclusion on this site.  Thanks.




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