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Check out these links.  If you have a favorite link that you think would be of interest to a LeConte alum, please submit the link to the webmaster -- e-mail link at the bottom of the page.

    Doug McFalls is the winter caretaker for LeConte Lodge.  Because the Lodge is located on Mt. LeConte at around 6,500 feet elevation, the winters can be rough, so, the Lodge closes at the end of October and re-opens in late Arpil - Early May.  Doug stays at the Lodge all winter where he reads, blogs, greets the occasional hiker, and posts some magnificent photos.  Visit Doug's site regularly -- he usually updates his blog daily and adds new photos with each update.
  • LeConte Lodge was purchased several years ago by Stokely Hospitality Enterprises as one of the hotels, motels, and restaurants that they operate in the area of the Smokies.  Here is the website for LeConte Lodge.  Click on the photo to enter the site.
  • Ed Wright lived in Oak Ridge, TN before he retired and moved to Florida (Why would anyone do that?!)  Anyway, Ed hiked up LeConte OVER 1,000 TIMES.  On his website, he describes his love affair with LeConte and his many trips up the mountain.  His website also contains hiking journals from others who have hiked up LeConte.
  • Here's a link to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park website.
  • Now here's an interesting link.  It's a study by the U. S. Geologic Survey of the Mt. LeConte  7.5-minute quadrangle.  The study includes the geology, trails, GIS data, and other info about LeConte -- lots of photos, also.  The geology portion of this site is fascinating -- although I didn't understand a lot of the scientific jargon.
  • Here's a link I discovered in August 2013:  Endless Streams and Forests .  This site is a blog by a lady named Jenny  Bennett who lives in Sylva, NC, after several years of living, working and traveling around the world.  Her biography is on her blog; she's sounds like a really interesting person.  She hikes in the Smokies quite a bit and her blog includes descriptions of her several trips up LeConte.
  • More to come -- submit your favorites sites that are related to Mt. LeConte.


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Gracie McNicol: 244 times up LeConte
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LeConte Lodge in winter
LeConte Llama Wrangler Retires After Ten Years
(Nov 2011)
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