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LeConte Lodge in Winter


Because LeConte Lodge is located at about 6,500 feet above sea level, winters are cold and windy with frequent snow or ice storms.  The Lodge closes at the end of October and re-opens in late April - early May.

Doug McFalls is the winter caretaker at the Lodge and this is  his blog:

Life on LeConte

You really should visit Doug's blog and add it to your Favorites.  He updates the blog daily and usually posts photos of scenes from LeConte, especially sunsets and sunrises.


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Photo album
Brief history of LeConte Lodge
 Joe's LeConte stories
Reverend A. Rufus Morgan 
Gracie McNicol: 244 times up LeConte
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LeConte Lodge in winter
LeConte Llama Wrangler Retires After Ten Years
(Nov 2011)
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