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Mount LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park -- and LeConte Lodge which sits atop the mountain -- are special places to anyone who has hiked up LeConte and visited the Lodge. 

Those of us who worked at LeConte Lodge have a special love affair with the mountain and the Lodge and a special bond with each other.  This site provides a place for us to share our love of the mountain and our special bond.



Construction of this site was started on 5 December 2005 as the result of a brainstorm by John and Joe Schlatter, brothers who worked at LeConte Lodge in the 1960's when it was owned by Herrick and Myrtle Brown. 


UPDATE:  26/27 April 2016:  Because the cost of maintaining the LeConte Lodge Alumni site as a separate website became prohibitive, I incorporated the LeConte site into my family site,  As of late April 2016, I am still working out the bugs that resulted from mixing the two sites.  You may find some links do not work -- I'll fix everything as time permits.


We want to share this site with others who worked at LeConte Lodge and we solicit your input. This is how we plan for the site to work:

  1. If you worked at LeConte Lodge in the Great Smokies, compose one or more articles describing yourself and your experiences at the Lodge -- add photos, maps, and other graphics as you see fit.

  2. E-mail your articles and graphics to the webmaster -- see this page for instructions about submitting your article.

  3. The webmaster will add your article to the site.

We welcome your suggestions as to what to include on this site.

We wanted to include on the site a page that lists names and e-mail addresses of LeConte alum so we can contact each other -- HOWEVER -- we are experienced enough on the WWW to know that posting e-mail addresses on a website is not a good idea -- doing so just invites spam to your inbox.  Still, we need to be able to share one another's contact information, provided you want your information shared.  Therefore, we propose to do this:

  1. Send your name and e-mail address to the webmaster and tell him if you are willing to have your name and e-mail address added to a list that will be circulated to other LeConte alum.

  2. I will compile a list of names, e-mail addresses, and other information (dates you worked at LeConte, etc.).

  3. I will from time to time e-mail that list to everyone on the list who has agreed to share his/her contact information.

  4. I hope this process will allow us to contact each other while shielding our identities.  Details of the LeConte Lodge Alum Contact List are at the bottom of this page.

Meanwhile, bookmark the site and get to work on your article.


14 November 2011:  Added an article from the Knoxville (TN) News-Sentinel about the guy who has brought the pack llamas up LeConte for ten years -- he's retiring.

26 April 2016:  Because the cost of maintaining the LeConte Lodge Alumni Site became prohibitive, I moved the site to my family website,  As of today, I am working to incorporate the LeConte Lodge Alumni site into my family site -- you may find some links do not work, or, some of the photos may not show -- I'll have everything fixed in due time.  Thanks for your patience.

LeConte Lodge Site Table of Contents

Photo album
Brief history of LeConte Lodge
 Joe's LeConte stories
Reverend A. Rufus Morgan 
Gracie McNicol: 244 times up LeConte
 Links to other sites
LeConte Lodge in winter
LeConte Llama Wrangler Retires After Ten Years
(Nov 2011)
Suggested reading
How to submit your articles for publication. 



This site was last updated 04/27/16


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