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The photos on these two pages are of destruction in the Bay Saint Louis - Waveland, Mississippi area. I took these photos approximately one month after the hurricane (Katrina hit on 29 August 2005).

Empty pilings where houses once stood.  Hurricane Camille in 1969 generated a storm surge of 12 feet above sea level.  As a result, local governments enacted building codes requiring that structures be built with the first floors 12, 13, or 14 feet above MSL, depending on the location.  If you built a house in a low area -- say, at 4 feet above MSL, you have to put the house on piers or pilings to reach the required 12-13-14 feet.  Look at this photo.  The concrete block piers in the foreground once held a house -- look in the back of the photo and you will see wooden piers.  This photo was taken in a neighborhood of approximately 100 homes, all built on pilings, and all of them completely gone.  There was nothing for blocks and blocks but empty pilings like these.

Typical street scene in Bay Saint Louis one month after the hurricane.  Notice the stuff piled along the street -- this is what people pulled out of their houses and piled along the curb for trash collection.  The houses along this street were flooded with 4 - 8 feet of water, ruining everything in the house -- carpet, furniture, appliances, clothes -- if it was in the house, it was ruined.  The only thing to do is rip it out and pile it along the street.  Every street in town looked the same.

The next three photos are taken along Beach Blvd in Waveland, MS.  Beach Blvd runs along the beach -- one one side of the street is the beach and the Gulf of Mexico, on the other side are big, fine homes.  Many of the houses along Beach Blvd  were older homes that had been in families for 3-4 generations; most had withstood Hurricane Camille in 1969.  Not a single house was left standing on Beach Blvd.   When Katrina's storm surge came ashore, the wave -- 20-35 feet  high, moving at almost 100 MPH -- simply swept away everything and deposited the debris 1/4 to 1/2 mile away.  Note in these photos the dead trees -- killed by salt water -- and the concrete foundations -- all that's left of these houses.


The blue-green object in the center of the photo above is the front steps the once went onto the porch of a large, old house.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina there were three large houses in this view -- all gone now.

Typical scene in Waveland, MS.  The town was destroyed.

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