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These pilings are the remains of a popular Bay Saint Louis restaurant, Dock of the Bay.  The restaurant was located between Beach Blvd. and the Gulf of Mexico.  The storm surge came under the building and destroyed it.

The main CSX rail line between New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama, ran through Bay Saint Louis, crossed the bay on this bridge, then went to Gulfport and Biloxi, then on to Mobile.  The bridge is completely gone.

Looking from Beach Blvd down Demontluzin Avenue, Bay Saint Louis.  The street was covered with 2-3 feet of sand.  Houses that faced the beach were demolished -- the debris you see down the street is the remains of beachfront houses.  The houses still standing will be bulldozed as they were under water and are filled with mud, muck, sand, debris, and mold.  The rubble in the foreground is the remains of Beach Blvd.

At the corner of Beach Blvd. and Demontluzin Avenue was a historic, three-story frame building that was operated as a bed and breakfast -- very popular place.  It was completely destroyed by Katrina's storm surge.  No trace of the building remains; a couple of air conditioning units were still anchored to their concrete slabs.  Eight people were in the B&B when the storm hit -- including an 80-year-old couple and their dog, and, an Air Force pilot who had just flown a hurricane-hunter mission into the eye of Katrina.  When the building was swept away, all eight managed to escape and cling to trees behind the building for several hours until the storm abated -- everyone survived, including the dog.

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