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The lot is located approximately 1,100 feet from the Gulf of Mexico.  The street in front of the lot runs directly to the Gulf where it intersects Beach Drive -- step out the front door of the house, walk to the street, turn left, walk down and cross Beach Drive, and you are on the beach.

Lot measures 109 feet across the front and back and 114 feet front to back.  The surveyed elevation of the center of the lot is 15.1 feet above Mean Sea Level.  Local codes require that the first floor of a residence be 14 feet above MSL.

The lot was covered with pine trees, 60 to 70 feet tall and an assortment of red oak, live oak, magnolia, and wild cherry.  Here is a photo of the lot with clearing in progress -- the lot is to the left of the big truck.   The power pole with the pink ribbon around it marks the left front corner. At the end of the street is the beach.  We removed the pines and all vegetation from where the house will be -- we saved all the trees (except the pines) along the back side of the lot, a nice pine tree in the front yard, and several clusters of bayberry, live oak, and magnolia.

Here are Johnny, Gary, and Mr. Trackhoe.   At this point, they had cleared all the small brush and were working on the pines.   The yellow CAUTION tape indicates that this tree is to be left.  Johnny in the white shirt, Gary in the blue, Mr. Trackhoe in the center. (Yes, that's a poison sumac vine running up the tree in the foreground -- it no longer lives.)

Clearing in progress.  To remove a tree, they would push it down with the trackhoe, uprooting the stump in the process.  They would then saw the trunk of the tree off the stump, load the log on a log truck and put the stump in a dump truck.  In this photo, the property line is the yellow string barely visible running from the gas meter and water meter boxes directly to the tree line in the rear.

The lot is now cleared and ready to grade and bring in fill dirt (clay).  The sign on the left side is required by local codes -- the sign has an opening plexiglass cover -- all permits are posted inside and must remain posted on the lot until the final inspection is completed.

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UPDATE:  On 29 August 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall almost right on top of the town of Waveland, MS, where we were building this house.  Go to this link for our experiences with Katrina -- here is a link showing what this lot looked like after the hurricane.  We evacuated before the hurricane and we will not return.  As of July 2006, we sold this lot and are living in NE Tennessee.



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