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Pouring the slab;
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While the slab is being poured, smoothed, and finished, there is still a line of ready-mix trucks waiting to dump their concrete into the pump truck.  Notice the little piles of concrete in front of the hose.  There is always a small amount of concrete stuck to the truck chute; the chute must be washed out on your property -- not on the neighbor's lot, not on a city street.  So, when this was all over, I had several little piles of concrete in the front yard.  No problem -- let them dry for a couple of days, break them up with a sledgehammer, and dump them into the fill that goes under the driveway.

The exterior walls of the house must be secured to the slab with anchor bolts set into the concrete -- 1/2 inch X 10 inch anchor bolts set 48 inches apart.  This photo shows Monroe setting anchor bolts.  Because we are using 2X6 studs and plates in the exterior walls, these bolts must be set to they hit the center of the 2X6 wall bottom plate and must be 48 inches apart.  Monroe did not measure the placement of the bolts -- he told me he had been doing this for years and could eyeball it.  I checked him later with a tape measure.  He was right on.

And that's it, folks.  I have some other photos showing the slab being polished -- I'll post those as soon as I make a trip to the 1-hour photo.

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