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My White Family Ancestors


One of my maternal great-grandmothers is Nina Anna Statia White, born 16 Oct 1872, died 11 Feb 1957.  She married Maurice Dudding (b. 6 Mar 1869, d. 26 Oct 1929).  She was known variously as "Miss Dolly," "Dolly White," and "Dolly Dudding."  Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren called her "Nanny;"  I refer to her as Nanny throughout this website.

Nanny and her husband Maurice had nine children -- first were three sons then six daughters, one of whom died in infancy.  Her oldest daughter was my maternal grandmother, Annie Lee Dudding (1899-1983).  Annie Lee Dudding married Clarence J. Richardson (1896-1972) and their second child was my mother, Annie Lee Richardson (1924-2007).

My great-grandmother, "Nanny," Nina Anna Statia White (Dudding); 1872 - 1957.  This photo was made at the home of her daughter, Margerie Dudding Smith, in Baton Rouge, LA.

I inherited from my mother a number of items that belonged to Nanny.  For descriptions and photos of those heirlooms, go to these links:

White family lineage

I have done little research into my ancestors in the White family.  I know they moved from South Carolina to SE Louisiana -- East Feliciana Parish -- in the early 1800's.  They would have been part of a major migration of families from the Carolinas and Virginia to new land in the "West" -- Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.

This is what I know of Nanny's genealogy -- I have not included brothers and sisters, only direct ancestors.

Nina Anna Statia White (Dudding)
b. 16 Oct 1872, East Feliciana Parish, LA
 d. 11 Feb 1957, Centreville, Wilkinson County, MS
 married Maurice Dudding, 1893, East Feliciana Parish, LA

Her parents were:

John A. White
b. 29 Feb 1836, Flexville, East Feliciana Parish, LA
d. 15 Mar 1910, Flexville, East Feliciana Parish, LA

Melissa Anastacia Neyland
b. 17 Jun 1839, East Feliciana Parish, LA
d. 29 Sep 1873, Amite County, MS

John White's parents were:

Eli White
b. 4 Jul 1807, Timmonsville, Florence County, SC
d. 6 May 1888, Flexville, East Feliciana Parish, LA

Mahitabel Hettie Harrell
b. 22 Oct 1815, East Feliciana Parish, LA
d. 13 May 1889, East Feliciana Parish, LA

Eli White's parents were:

John White
b. 18 Feb 1780, Timmonsville, Florence County, SC
d. 9 Apr 1843, East Feliciana Parish, LA

Lydia Morgan
b. 25 Dec 1784, SC
d. 21 Jun 1834, East Feliciana Parish, LA

White family pages

On this page are White family photos.


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