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Schlatter Family Photos:
Mostly Pre-1950


The photos on this page and other pages in this section are of the Schlatter family before 1950.  Adolph and Emma Schlatter immigrated to the U. S. from Switzerland in October 1910.  They settled in Shaw, Mississippi, a small but -- at that time -- thriving small town in the Mississippi Delta where cotton was king.  Adolph was a baker and he and Emma operated a bakery in Shaw.  As of 2010, the old bakery building is still standing -- barely.

Adolph and Emma had three sons: 

  •  John A. Schlatter; born 1911, died 1960
  •  Joseph A. Schlatter; born 1915, died 2005
  •  Frederick R. Schlatter; born 1921, died 2010

We have very few photos of Adolph and Emma and the boys -- here's what we have.

Adolph Schlatter and Emma Waldner Schlatter
Unknown location, probably 1930

Adolph suffered a stroke and died in November 1930.  Note how his left arm is folded into his lap and note the apparent slackness in the left side of his face -- probably the result of his stroke.  Note the lump in Emma's throat; she suffered from a goiter.  Also note that Emma's left eye "droops;" apparently this was a permanent condition.

Emma Waldner Schlatter
Shaw, Mississippi, 1942

From handwritten notes on the back of the original of this photo -- this photo was taken in 1942 (month unknown) on the day that her youngest son, Fred, left for military service during WW II.  Do not know anything about the house in the background.  The goiter that was present in the photo above circa 1930 appears to be gone.

Baby Joseph, Adolph, John

This photo may have been taken on the same front porch as the photo of Emma, above.  Joseph -- the infant on his father's lap, wearing the baker's hat -- was born 1 August 1915.  He appears to be 6 - 9 months old, which would date this photo to late 1915 - early 1916.

The Schlatter Boys - 1930
(L - R)  Joseph, John, Frederick

This photo was made in 1930 based on notes written on the back of the original.  This photo may have been taken at the same time as the photo of Adolph and Emma at the top of this page -- the backdrop and floor are similar.


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