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Adolph Schlatter Journal

Baby had several items that belonged to Adolph that I never saw until she dragged them out just before her death.  One of these is a notebook that appears to have been Adolph's -- his name is all over it; dates range from around his 15th birthday forward.  It is written in very flowery handwriting with different color inks.  The language appears to be high, or, classical German.  I have not really examined it in detail but I was able to read some of one entry that is titled "On Lake Zurich."  I sent some of these photos to David who showed them to a Swiss engineer who was at their factory.  He said this is "Alt Deutch" -- "Old German" and he could not read it. 

I have thought of trying to find someone to translate it but I'm afraid we could not afford the translation charges, also, I really don't want to let it out of my hands.  I started to scan it but that's a lot of work.  Instead, I think I'll set up a plain white background and photograph each page.  I'll fiddle with the distance, etc., to get a clear image of each page.  I can put the digital photos on a CD or thumb drive.

Here are photos:


Adolph's journal, cover


The entry on the left-hand page is title "Am Zurichsee" -- "An Dem Zurich See" -- "On Lake Zurich"



Note the entry at the bottom of the left-hand page:  Ganterswil, 21 March 1878, Adolf Schlatter.  He was born in Ganterswil,  Switzerland, in 1863, so this entry would have been made when he was 15 years old.




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