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Golden Family
-- Introduction --


This section of our family website is about Rose's ancestors -- Golden, Cobb, Harris, Johnson, and many others -- this page is an introduction to the Golden Family.

I am Rose Golden Schlatter -- Thelma Rose Golden, born 9 November 1942.  Daughter of Ernest Edgar Golden (1908 - 1966) and Zelma Louise Cobb (1914 - 2003).  I married Joseph A. Schlatter, Jr., 30 July 1966 in my hometown, Oxford, Alabama.  We have two children -- Joseph A. Schlatter, III, and Stephanie Hope Schlatter -- twins, born in Frankfurt, Germany, 3 October 1968.  As of April 2012, we have two grandsons (Joe and Jackson), both born to our son, Joe, and his wife, Rebekah.

I am one of five children born to my parents.  All five of us were born in Anniston, Alabama, and grew up in Oxford.  In order of birth we are:

  1. Sandra Louise Golden (McPeake) -- nicknamed Sandy

  2. Rose (myself)

  3. Ernest E. Golden, Jr. -- nicknamed Sonny

  4. John Raymond Golden -- John

  5. Philip Eugene Golden -- Phil

My ancestors

Here is a chart showing my ancestors back several generations.  We have traced my ancestry back many more generations than this but this is all that will fit on the page!!


As of April 2012 we  have traced my Golden ancestors back to GOLDING, RIPLEY, TUCKER, MOSS, SHARP and others in England in the mid- to late-1500's.  My more recent ancestors in the 1700's were in the Caroline and Essex counties of Virginia.  As with many Alabama families, my ancestors started in the coastal colonies of Virginia and the Carolinas and moved west to Georgia and Alabama for various reasons, mainly the availability of new land in "the West."

For a view of our complete family history, visit our family tree on, found at this link.  We add to this family tree as our research turns up more information.

The Golden Family Pages

Here is a listing of the pages on this website with information about the Golden Family.

The Cobb Family Pages

Here is a list of articles about Rose's Cobb ancestors.

  •  Introduction to Cobb ancestors.

  •  Raymond C. and Autry Harris Cobb, Rose's Cobb Grandparents

  •  Nathaniel Cobb and Rachel Adaline Whitesides Bentley Cobb, Rose's Great-great-great-grandparents.



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