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Adolf Schlatter's Notebook
1903 - 1910


The following is a transcription of handwritten entries in a notebook belonging to Adolph (Adolf) Schlatter. 

  • The notebook measures 3-3/4 inches wide by 6 inches high and 3/8-inch thick.
  • The notebook has a fabric cover.
  • On the front cover is the word “MEMORANDUM” inscribed over a circular logo.  There is a border around the front cover that consists of a dark line surrounded by a line of small circles linked together.

    Here is a photo of the notebook opened to the first page:


Left page, top to bottom: Right page, top to bottom
Schlatter (handwritten, pencil) Adolph Schlatter (stamped)
City Bakery (handwritten, pencil) present (illegible) (handwritten, pencil)
Senatobia, Miss (handwritten, pencil) Adolph Schlatter (handwritten pencil)
Tate County (handwritten, pencil) Senatobia, Miss (handwritten, pencil)
Adolph Schlatter (stamped) City Bakery (handwritten, pencil)
Louise Schlatter, Kleiner (handwritten, pencil) (illegible)
(Stamp)  Adolph Schlatter; City Bakery; Candies, Fruits and Cigars; Senatobia, Miss North Broadway (handwritten, pencil)
  4239 (may be phone number) (handwritten, pencil)
  Adolph Schlatter (stamped)
  (Stamp)  Adolph Schlatter; City Bakery; Candies, Fruits and Cigars; Senatobia, Miss
  (Stamp)  Adolph Schlatter; City Bakery; Candies, Fruits and Cigars; Senatobia, Miss



Handwritten in pencil on the front of the notebook above the word MEMORANDUM is:

  • A. Schlatter

  • Illegible

Handwritten in pencil on the front of the notebook below the word MEMORANDUM is:

  • Louise Kleiner
  • Schlatter

There also are handwritten notes on the back cover that are upside-down in relation to the front cover.

  • A. Schlatter
  • Tate County
  • Adolph Schlatter
  • Senatobia Miss
  • City Bakery

The following is a chronology of notes in this notebook:



November 1903


October 1903


January 1904

Senatobia, Mississippi

March 1904

Senatobia, Mississippi

May 1904


June 1904


June 1908


August 1908


Adolf Schlatter and Louise Kleiner Schlatter appear to have returned to Switzerland in August or September 1908

September 1908


October 1908


September 1909


October 1909


November 1909


December 1909


May 1910


June 1910


July 1910


Based on records obtained from Ellis Island, NY, Adolph (Adolf) Schlatter and Emma Schlatter arrived at Ellis Island on 31 October 1910; departed from Antwerp.  They were married 25 September 1910.



Senatobia, Mississippi, is about 30 miles south of Memphis.  Many of the entries in this notebook dealing with Memphis appear to be shopping lists, or, lists of purchases.  I suspect Adolph traveled to Memphis to buy supplies for his bakery in Senatobia.


The following article  is a page-by-page transcription of entries in the MEMORANDUM notebook.  Several pages of this notebook are lists of items purchased – quantity, item, cost.  Those pages ARE NOT included in this transcription.  The only pages transcribed are those with entries describing activities, travels, and the like.

In this transcription are several references to "Louise," "L.," "the Baby," and to "Louise and the Baby."  I have determined that my grandfather, Adolph Schlatter, married a woman named Louise Kleiner in March 1906, probably in Memphis, TN, and they apparently had a daughter. 

  • Louise Kleiner was from Switzerland.  She came to the US in November 1900 with a man named Solomon Barfuss, a Swiss citizen who was a naturalized American citizen.  They were married in New York City in November 1900 and apparently moved to Barfuss' home in Memphis.   They were divorced in Shelby County, MS, in October 1905.

  •  In March 1906, a marriage license was issued in Shelby County, MS, for Adolph Schlatter and Louise Kleiner.

  •   Based on entries in this notebook/diary, Louise and Adolph lived in Senatobia, MS, where he operated a bakery until they returned to Switzerland in August 1908.  Adolph, Louise, and "the baby" traveled around Switzerland from late 1908 until mid-1910.

  •  On 31 October 1910, my grandparents, Adolph Schlatter and Emma Waldner, arrived at Ellis Island, NY.  According to Adolph's application for US citizenship (he died before he became a citizen), they were married 25  September 1910 (in Switzerland) and settled in Shaw, MS.

  •  In January 1911 Adolph filed for divorce from Louise in the Shelby County, TN, court.  In June 1911 he asked that the suit be dropped.  I have no further information about Louise and "the baby."  As of January 2011 I am trying to track down Louise and her daughter through relatives in Switzerland.

Documents and complete details about Solomon Barfuss and Louise are at these links:  Louise Kleiner, and, Adolph Schlatter.


Inside front cover


Louise Schlatter

from Senatobia, Miss

born at


Canton Zurich



are there

at present



Beginning at page 8


Adolph Schlatter

Arrived at Geroldswil

Sept. 21 Monday 1 30 at Dietikon.  Carriage to Geroldswil 4 fss.

Sept. 28 Sent card to Henry Streuli – Joe Heuggeler – Henry Uthinger

Sent 1 card Sept 11 from New York to Senatobia Miss to A. French and M. Goldstein. 1 letter the same day to Edwin ??????, Memphis, Ten.

Sept. 28  letter from Hotel ?????? New York.

Sept 29  I wrote to Mr. Duke, Baggage Agent, foot of West 23, Street New York in regard


Page 9


to my trunks.

Sept. 30  letter from Hotel ?????? notifying me of Edwin Streuli letter.

Oct. 1 -08  Sent letter to A. French


Oct. 7  letter from A. French

l. from Louise

l from Mrs. Sch????? Nottingham Ohio

Oct. 14  letter to ????? – Edward Streule – land to Pontius


Page 10


Handwritten in purple pencil, in German.


Page 11


(Several names and addresses in Stockholm, Sweden.)



Page 12


Oct. 24 ????????????

List of items purchased and prices.


Page 13


Pencil entry in German


Page 14



December Daily News (this entry is lined out)


October 1909

Garden Bennett Ballom

Oct .3.  Sunday wonderful warm day.

Mr. & Mrs. Gosenbach L & myself went to Kloten Fahr. see Ballom. ate Supper at Keister.

Monday Oct 4. -09

Rain all day.

Tuesday Oct 5 -09 at home

Oct. 6. – Wednesday - ?????

Oct. 7. Thursday. Went to Zurich with Albert Meyer. hohe Promenade. ????

Friday. Oct. 8.  Rain & cold at home.

Saturday 9.  Went to Dietikon with Morf

slept at Gosenbach Asuser Ballom

Sunday 10. wonderful day. L. myself & Albert went to Bachman ate fisch


Page 15


October 1909

Sun 10  At Bachman we met Mr. & Mrs. Dosenbach.  they came home with us.  Albert left with them home.

Mo. 11.  Mrs. Dosenbach came to visit us at Geroldswil fine warm day.

Tue. 12. Cloudy & cold all day.

Wed 13  L. & myself went to Dietikon.  Allenspach ????? met Mrs. Dosenbach.

Thur. 14. Cold & rainy all day.

Friday 15 Zurich bought new dress brown for L. paid 36.50

Sat 16  at home, fine day

Su. 17. at home all day fine day

Mo. 18  L. & myself went to Lichtensteig Tauzen Krone-Bahnhalle-Hoffnung. Krone l sept. L. Lauson Ballom.  Louise made guks.

Tues. 19.  walked to Waffevil.  Took train for Elwat Kappel ???? Train for Wyl at 1.36 p.m.


Page 16


19 tues.  left Wyl at 5. p.m. for St. Gall. stopped at Blune.

Wed. 20.  Lodging at St. Gallen Hof went to Speicher & Trogen.

Thur. 21. visited Mrs. Stabler.

Fri. 22. little rain at morning left St. Gallen at 12. N. met Glaw??? Son.

Sat 23.  L. & myself went to Dietiken visited Mrs. Allenspach.

Sun. 24. Papa & Ma Kleiner went to Baden L. & myself kept Louise

Mon 25 Rain and snow all day.

Tues. 26. L. & myself went to Dietken Waist at Allenspach 15.50

Wed. 27. L. & myself left for Bern stop at Aaran & Olsen Bern 5. p.m. stop at Horgen

thur. 28. visited Wellpost De????at Kornhaus Keller.  Krebs.  Hotel Loewen.  partly rain.


Page 17



Fri. 29.  partly rain.  Visited museum. slept at Hotel France.

Sat. 30. Left for ???. visited castel at ???. fine day, left ??? for Intestallen at 6. p. m. stop at Hotel Helvetia in Interlaken.

Sun.  31.  left Interlaken for Bern at 2.10.  ???? at Volkhaus Bern stop hotel Baren.

November Monday

Mo. 1.  left Bern at 2.10 p.m. stop over at Baden.

Tues. 2. at home all day. paid for photo 16. frs. for cleaning white suit 5.50 marks in Baden.

Wed. 3.  L. & myself went to Zurich 200 frs. from Bank Verin.  Visited Mrs. Gautjehy and Mrs. Isler home 5.50


Page 18


November 1909

Thurs. 4.  L. washing & ironing.  Allen stayed home all week suffering from vaccination.

Fri. 5.  sunshine – home all day.

Sat. 6. L. & myself went to Bonsketter to Emman Follinger by Mrs. German Bahnhof.

Sun. 7.  Fine day. Killed snake.  Albert myself & L. & Baby went up hill.

Mo. 8.  Papa Kleiner went to Baden. L. & myself met him at ????????. Grossman f. Winger.

Tues. 9.  Albert left for Tunici to Market Bahnhof.

Wed. 10.  Dust on street. fine day.  at home all day.

Thurs. 11.  L. Washing. Colorado. X

Fri. 12.  Thalaker with John Hadturan – loaded


Page 19


Novr.. Sat. 13.  fair & windy  Morning I was at Dietiken ???? afternoon L. & myself went to Eingstringen for clock.

Sun. 14.  fine warm day.  packing our turnks for St. Gallen.

Mo. 15.  at 2.p.m. we left for St. Gall. Lodging at St. Gallen hof.

Tue. 16.  Visited Mrs. Stabbler.  St. Gall Hof lodging.

Wed. 17.  23. Webergasse 1 month for 45.00 Rain most all day.

Thurs. 18.  Jahomasks. Bischoffell. snoing most all day.

Fri. 19.  all day at home.

Sat. 20 Went to Stadt Theater play, Die Erde – no good. (Note:  “Die Erde” is “The Earth.”)

Sun. 21.  Theaterz. Palme Oberstrasse Rauber auf Maria Kuhn, fine play.


Page 20


22 November 1909 22

Mo. 22.  left at 2 o’clock f. Geroldswil

Tues. 23.  all day L. & baby. left at 7.7 ???? f. St. Gallen.

Wed. 24.  Schliffweg & snowing al day.  visited Old St. Gallen.

Thurs. 25.  Visited Mrs. Stabbler. Old man was there. too much cider.  Ida Stabbler cameto Schwanen.

Fri. 26.  L. & myself walked to Rorshach Schlittiweg.  sunshine f. day.  Dinner at Traulee Rorschach.

Sat. 27.  sunshine and cold all day.  100 fs. from Bank Vein.  Met Mr. Vetsch, St. Gall.

Sun. 28.  L. & myself went to Kanstauz lodging Hotel Relsfok-Einnishofe.

Mo. 29.  left Kanstaun at 6.30 p.m. fine day snow melting.

Tues. 30.  at home all day.  Dinner at hotel.


Page 21


Wed. December 1909

Wednesday Dec 1, -09  fine warm day.  left for Zurich.

Thurs. 2.  at home all day.  Rain & windy all day.

Fri. 3.  wonderful warm day.  Freudenberg Stadttheater Wilhelm Tell. sorry.


Sat. 4.  White waist for Louise 9.75.  dinner at Koll.

Sun. 5.  Rain at M. Snow at night.  Taube Laugasse Theater play Laudaman Lutter.


(Written in purple pencil.)


Fostsezung next page of 1910.

May 15 & 16.  Pfingstere.

Lautag Affoltern Zug

Luzerne Rigi Lodging.

Sunday night Rigi Kulm

Hotel Schneider

Both days fine weather.


Page 22


 Thursday May 18.

1 Unterlage

Frau Helbling Wirah – Zurich

1. ?????? ??????                7.50

2. collared shirt                  

new cuff & collars               3.50

1.  new col. shirt ordered


May 10  Tues May 10 we left Eglisau for Zurich. lodging at Hotel Baren. Rain all eve.

Wed. 11.  Left Zurich at 5. p.m. for Affoltern a. Albis. partly rain.  Hotell Sterren. at 4. p.m. I draw balance from Bank Verein at Paradeplaz ??? – 408.50 Hotel Gerner Affoltern a. Albis

thurs. 12. Clearing up.  fair all day.  We went to Kurhaus Li Lienberg thence to Augst?? Turler Lee. Afternoon 5.30 ????? am Gunter Lee.


Page 23


Affoltern a. Albis


may fine day – warm

Fr. at home all day

Sat – 14. fine & very hot all day. Obfelder.


Page 24


Pfingsteu 1910

Su 15. fine warm dayL. & myself left Offresern for Zug. at 12.41 p.m. Shop at Zug-Rosel Most left Zuf at 4. p.m. for Luzerne from Luzerne with ????? Schiller to Viznau thence up to Rigi.  much snow.  Lodging at Hotel Schreiber at Rige ????. ?????????? 16. fine day – we left Rigi ????at 10.30 for Vizuau.  attended ?????? at Luzerne.  Visited Lowendeak left Luzerne at 7.12 p.m. for Zug Lauper at Zuf. left Zug at 9.10 for Affoltern.

Mo 16 fine day. Luzerne

17  home Hotel. fine day


Page 25


May 15 Expenses during

Pfingsteu 1910


(Note:  “Pfingsteu”or “Pfingsten” is the holiday “Whitsuntide” which appears to be the same as Pentecost Sunday.)


Affoltern to Zug                                    2.10

Zug to Luzerne 2 tickets                        3.80

Luzerne to Viznau (2)                           3.—

Viznau to Rigi Kulm                              21.—

Supper at Rigi Kulm                             5.—

Wine  ½ liter                                           .90

1. pakli Humpson                                   .30

Mon. 16. left Rigi Kulm at 10.30 a.m. fine day

Luzerne 1. ltr most cheese & eggs         1.05

8 cigars                                                  .40

2 B. at ?????                                          .30

Tue. 17.  Lod. & Breakfast                   5.60

Dinner                                                  5.90

Supper                                                 4.50

Louise new shoe

Cigars                                                  .21


Page 26


Affoltern am Albis

Wed. 18.  partly cloudy

Breakfast. –

L. & myself left Affoltern for Zurich at 1.03 p.m. very warm day & dusty.

Vesper at Bauschauzli - ????

L. left at 5.30 for Irediken.  I remained at Zurich. Lodging Hotel Pfanen-Recker gasse.

19 thur.  I met L. at 12. p.m. at depot Zurich. Louise came with little Louise with carriage. We went to Herschen Willwaus with Baby at 2.15 we left for Affoltern. fine day – warm

Friday Mrs. Lakob Hediger-Sherneng. L. * Baby went to Grosholz-Lutter.  We had cider & Bier. Return to hotel at 6.30 p.m.


Page 27


Wed. 18  partly cloudy

B. & ???? ????                         4.54

cigars                                         .40

Henden-Helburg                       10.50

Schoe – Baby                             2.90  (Note:  “schoe” is “shoe.”)

Wash                                         3.—

????                                           1.70

?????                                           .90

ticket ???? Louise                       --.75

Kali – Hofbrau                2.40

Cakes for Louise                     

19  Henschen                                .85

Thurs.  Williman                             .50

Tickets                                         3.—

????                                             2.50


Page 28


Friday May 20


20 fine warm day at home all day

Sat 21 fine warm day. dusty. L. & myself & baby went to the woods.

Sun 22.  Rain at 1. a.m. Thundestorm  fine & cool all day lie 6. p.m.

at 6. p.m. rain & thunder.

We all went to Kledingen to see Mr. John Smith who was at home.  Enjoyed cider & coffee. at 7. p.m. rain stopped & we all including Mr. J. Smith & myself took drinks at Herren-Casino (7 auz) Central – Mrs. Kleinert. Home at 11. p.m.

Louise Roth hier (Note:  This note is interesting.  Are the two words “Roth hier” actually one word, “Rothhier,” which could be Louise’s name, or – the German word “hier” translated into English is “here.”  So, do these three words mean “Louise Roth is here.” ? )

Sat. &  Sunday morning May 22


Page 29


Friday May 20


20.  L Kiss for Baby                 2.90

cigars                                         .40

frost???                                    1.70


Sat 21. 

Board for 2 days                      15.50

Oranges                                       .20

Underskirt for Baby                  3.60


Sun 22

Breakfast & Cigar                    1.65

???? ???? Cigars                      2.90

John Smith & myself Herren        .90

   “        “              “     Casino     .80

Milk                                           .50

Wash                                       4.50

Lodging                                    2.00

Cigars                                         .20


Page 30


May Affoltern a. Albis – 1910,

Hotel Lerner


23 cloudy & cooler.

Mo.  Louise washingt baby’s clothes.

Baby 1 pair drawers 2.00 – shiart – 1.50 – 3.50

????. ???? ????

at home all day. no good rest.


24.  fine warm day. We all went to Hedinger to see Ma smith.  I drank 2. z. at Rest. Linde.  Rain came & we all went home to souper.  Louise sold her net skirt to Miss Marie.

Mother Smith????? us with Order-glead cheese – fine fine.

John smith came in evening to Affoltern remained here till 11 p.m.


Wed 25 At home all day.  Louise bought Hakbrett for Baby.

Rain in the afternoon.


Page 31


Mo. L. baby & myself


Breakfast pd. ???                     1.05

23  Dinner & new cigars           3.10

3 Bier Barber                             .45

Louise dry goods                        .75

4 bier & cigars                            .80

Supper & Lodging                    4.00

24 ?????-?????                          .40

1-1/2 meter Band                       .25


Tues  Breakfast                        1.05

24   ???? & ????                     

Wine & Eglesauer                     7.00

Lodging included


John smith & myself                    .60

Affolterm skirt for Baby            2.00


Wed.  Breakfast                       1.30

25  Dinner & new cigars           2.90

Supper & Bier cigars

Lodging paid                            4.75

Baby Hackbett                         11.00

1 baby lace drawers                   2.00

at Hedingen


Page 32





26  Louise bought bank for Baby

Sunshine and partly cloudy

Rain & thunder at 5:30 p.m.

Earthquake at 7:30 a.m.

7:30 morning Erdbeben

(Note:  I searched the Internet for earthquakes in Switzerland and found a site that lists recorded earthquakes in Switzerland for the past several hundred years.  In fact, there was an earthquake recorded in Switzerlan on 26 May 1910 at 6:12 a.m., centered in Metzerlen, 4.8 magnitude.)

All day at home.


Fri. 27.  Heavy rain all day.  At home with baby.

Sat 28.  partly fair. Rain at 2. p.m.  J. smith from Hedingen came to Hernen at 7. p.m. also we met Mr. Shachli from Southern California.

Baumpus at Nom.  –

Sun 29  Foggi in the morning.  partly sunshine

Rain at evening L. myself & baby went to hedinger.

Langerfest. fine all day. Went to ?????? ????? at Hedingen.


Page 33


Thurs.  May 1910


26        pants for Baby              2.—

26        breakfast & dinner        3.75

26.       Supper                         2.70

            cigar and Bier                 .90

Fri. 27  Milk 2 ltr                        .50

Lodging & breakfast                 5.50

Above all paid

27.       Dinner ?

Supper & lodging                     8.70

paid above

Sat.  supper not paid

28        Breakfast ?

Sun 29 Dinner ?

Wash                                       5.50

Mo. 30  Cider & B. Central      1.50

Lowen & Albis               .70

Tues     Paid bill dinner  10.40

Dinner & paid                             3.10


Page 34



30.  partly rain.  Barber Klein & myself went to Hotel Lawen & Rest. Albis.  met Mr. Humbel & Kreuz in Aschnaucher.  L. & baby went to Hedinger to get Bottle.  Klein & myself at night to Central.


31.  Rain at morning, fine afternoon.  We wall went to Heffetsch???

Bad Wengi.


1.  Fine warm day. at home all day.  Card from Stehli of Muhlberg regrds meeting.


2.  fine day till 6. p.m. rain at home all day.


3.  fine warm day.  We all went to Rest. Higeli – Mr. Casper had cider & cheese.


Page 35


30.       Louise Baby & ????                 6.60

            B. & dinner                              4.10

Tues.    Supper & wine             3.10

31        2 cigars                                      .10

June 1910

Wed.    Breakfast and dinner     5.70

1.         Supper                         2.80

            2 ????                          4.40

            5. ??????                      1.50

            1. package Vevey           .60

            Lodging  paid               2.—

Thurs.   Breakfast & dinner       5.70

2.         new blouse f Wife         8.30

            cigars                             .20

Fri.       paid supper

3.         Lodging and breakfast              5.80


            Supper & lodging

            Hegeli                           1.30

            Stener Bier cigar             .80

            Sprit & toothbrush          .70


Page 36


June 1910

Sat       fine warm day all day

4          We all went to Grosholz & remained there till 7. p.m.

Sun.     fine warm day. Velo.

5.         Distanz Remen Members passed Affoltern a. Albis. at afternoon at 6. p.m. we all went to Hedinger but John Schmidt was not there.

Mo.      fine day till 5. p.m. rain

6.         at home all day

Tues.    fine day till 6. p.m. Rain

7.         We all went to Mrs. Brunner.

Wed.    fine hot day at home all Hotel

8.         Brought Wash to Miss Bertha Hufschmid.  Affoltern.

Thurs.   Fine hot day.  Louise

9.         making hay be Hupschmid Washing was done.  Leidel ????? & myself went to Rest. Lamme for Cider.


Page 37


Grossholz Affoltern

Sat.      Grossholz                     2.30

4.         ?? Supper

To Deekman ???                      -.75

Sun.     2 B. ½ ????                  1.10

5.         ???????                        2.—

Mon.    paid f. Friday

6.         ???????

            ??????                          19.30


6.         ???? 1 ????

            Supper 3.—1 Bier

            1  ?????

            Lodging all paid            7.55

            3 Bier 2 cigars                .55

Tues.    B. D. L. Lodg.

7.         Breakfast pd.                9.70

7.         Dinner paid

Wed     Dinner


Thurs.   Wash ???????              5.70



Page 38


June 1910 Affoltern


Fr.        paid Mr. Hediger                      23.50

            Lodging 10—11.--  ?


            no Dinner



Rest. ???hof

            1. 3 cr.—2. Coffee

            4 cigars. 2 ???                          1.50

            2  Eglisauer

            4 Eggs ½ ???                            2.—

            1.-z-1 Eglisauer

            ?????  1 bier                             1.25

            4 cigars                                      .20



Page 39


Affoltern a. Albis  June 10



10:       Thunderstorm at 7 p.m.

Lightning struck house and burnt down Affoltern  I met Mr. Vakerlaus Cor. of ???. Schweig ??? ?????.  Louise & Mary went to the fire.

Sat.  Rain most all day.  at 11 a.m. I visited Mr. Her. engler at Rest. Freihof.


Louse left – June 11.

Affoltern a. Albis

at 2.55 p.m. for Home.


Leidel-Leilmeier & myself at Rest. Freihof home at 12. p.m.


Page 40


Affoltern – June 12


12.       fine cool day.  John Smith & Frey came to Hedinger.  Leibmerls & myself went at home home to Hedinger.  ??? rain at night.  We went to Herren Central – Krone – Rosengarten – Banhof – Lauer – Talme & Baeren

Mo.  partly rain

            most all day in Freihof.

Tue.     Rain all day.  I left Affoltern at 2.55 p.m.  for Zurich to meet Frey & John smith.  Smith came to Johannifer Frey did not come.  Lodging at Pfauer Brus III.


at night 9 p.m. call on Kotie Bertha H. 23 Aussersihl III


Page 41


Sunday June 12


12.       paid Mr. Hediger                      9.20

            ???? 4 Bier                                 .60

            Cigar                                          .60



13.       Fresh of 2. ??? 2 caps              .70

Tue      Mary                                        1.—

14        paid in full                                 6.70

            paid Bertha                               2.70

Ticket Affoltern lunch                            1.60

            Cigars                                        .30

            Deepaut  bier                              .30

            Deevord                                     .30

            Joha????? Lunch                      1.50

            ?????                                         .15

            Willi???                                      .20

            Pfaueur Lodging 3 cr                1.55


Satchel on Depot Zurich


Treunt al-Alsteffen

Depot. June 14


Page 42


June 1910.  High Water

(Note:  After reading this entry, I searched the Internet for “flood” “1910” “Switzerland” and found references to floods in Switzerland in June 1910.  Flooding seemed to  have been widely spread throughout Switzerland.)

Wed.    Rain most all day.

15.       Horrible high water at Libl???? Bahnhof Zurich.  Telephone poles went down the Lihe.  John Smith & myself went to Rheinfelder Dienquelle.  Frey did not come.  Lodging at Hotel Hirscher.

Thurs.   I went Alsteffer at 11.18 a.m.

16.       to meet L. & Baby from Geroldswil at 12 p.m.  Then we went to take photo (3) ??? Baby. Left lunch for Altsteffer at 4.10 p.m.  L. Baby & myself stopped at Hotel Larueu at Alt-Weller

Fri.       Friday Morning L. & baby left.

18.       Alsteffer for home at 11.30.  Louise to come to Drebokimto meet me at 4.30 for Baden.


Page 43


High Water June 15

Wed     coffee al-Oberland                    .15

15        Dinner at ab-Johanifer               .95

            Cigars at depot             .20

            Rheinfelder Beerhaus                1.--

            Rossli-cheese 1 box                  .60

            Freschufz                                  .15

            Lodging Herscheu 2                  1.80

            Coffee Herscher                         .50

            Cigars Bahnhof               .40

            2 ???? w. ????                           .40

            Ticket to Alsketter                      .70

Thurs.   No rain clearing up

16        ???? ????                                 3.10

            Kinder                                        .75

            ??? ?? Alsketter                          .35

            Cigars & photo             3.—

            Lodging at Alsketter                 3.

            ???                                           2.60

            Tickets                                     1.10


Page 44


June 1910

fine day. cloudy

Fri.       Louise & myself left Heikekun

18.       for Baden.  took bath at Baden & left at 4.41 p.m. for Olbeu where we stopped at Hotel Schneizerhof took supper & lodging that night.

Sat. left Olseu at 8.30 a.m. for

19.       Lolothurn where we visited the Bastion of Parkatheu left for Biel – took dinner at Rest. Midi – visited old church at 3.03 we left Biel for Werrenburg stop there till 6.14 thence we left for Yverdau at Yverdau we stopped.

Sun      partly cloudy Rain

20.       arrived at Lauzau at 2. p.m. fave Louise frs 50.—at depot at Lausaunne.

L O U I S E – Rado

wonderfull fine day

(Note:  The entry LOUISE – Rado  wonderfull fine day is written in a different pen and appears to be different handwriting.  Could this be Louise’s writing?)


Page 45


June Lausanne  June

            LAUSANNE 10

Sun      ticket Yverdon

20.       to Lausanne                              5.10

            Bier Syrup                                  .30

              “    Cigar                                  .60

            ?????                                         .40

            Supper Rue G. St. John            2.65

            Kotesdela poste

            Lodging                                    4

Monday           Post card                        .40

21        Breakfast                                  2.

            fare to Evian                             3.—

            Dinner at “                                5.00

            Supper at Fribourg                   4.70

            Cigars all day                              .40

            Lodging at Herneu                    4.


Page 46


June LAUSANNE.  1910

Mo.  fine day

            In Lausanne I had best appetite for breakfast I ever had. at 12.05 we went with Shearien Italian to Evian & return to Lausanne at 4.30 p.m.  I sent 1 card to Mr. Louis Lambert at Cypress Corner, Senatobia, Miss.  At 6.41 we left Lausanne for Yverdon to Fribourg.

Tuesday 21  Lodging at Hotel Hernen Friburger Linde – Munster Thurin.  We left Fribourg at 1.10 Express for Bern.  Lodging at Hotel Schlossel.  fine hot weather  Rain & thunder at Night. 

Wed  Partly cloudy still hot

22        We left Bern at 6. p.m. for Bingdorf.  Sent card. to Louis Lambert. Excuse for Lausanne card.


Page 47


Tuesday June 1910

21        Berne & Fribourg Supplenant Express

Fribourg to Berne                     1.30

Dinner at Kornhaus Keller        5.05

Cigars at Krom               .20

Bier & Syrup at Rathaus             .50

Lodging at Hotel Schlussel        4.—

Supper & Cigar                        4.40

Wed.    Breakfast Bakery            .90

22        Bier & Cigars               1.50

            Dinner                          2.70

            Pig feet & ????   .60

            Lodging Hotel Bahnhof 4.—


Page 48


Bern – Burgdorf – June


Wed.    partly cloudy. rain at night

22.       arrived at Burgdorf at 6.45 p.m. Lodging Hotel Bahnhof. we visited 2 wooden bridges. Land Rokes ???? ???? cul in Landsfone.  Dom in Rock.  Castel & Ritter Laal.

(Note:  Searched Internet and found website for Burgdorf, Switzerland.  It is an old city with several ancient castles and is a prime tourist destination.)

Thurs. We left Burgdorf at 4 pm

23.       for Zofingen.  Lodging at Hotel Bahnhof hot day.  Visited Romanbad & Hirschpark of 32 deep wonderful prominde at Heidersberg of 66 Linder at Aarburg we visited Fesburg with????? a Erzinfr???? ????.

(Note:  Found Zofingen site on Internet.  “Romanbad” refers to ancient Roman ruins including a bath house unearthed in Zofingen.)


Page 49


June 1910

Fri.       Aarburg—Zofingen

Wildeg Lenzburg


Lodging at Hotel Lawea in Leuzburg. Rain all night stop at Aaran Stadt bought umbrella for Louise for 4.50 frs. visited Keffenhalle fine afternoon. left Leuzburg at 11.30 for Wildegg.  next stop at Baden.  Rain. Louise left at Diekikon for home.  I went to Zurich. Lodging at Hotel Hecht Aussersibe. 

Sat 25.  Louise home zufinnyur (1)

Sunday Rain most all day

26.       I went to Schliareu Return same afternoon.  Lodging Hotel Adler.

-- 11, -- 1


Page 50


June 1910

Mo       Partly rain.  Morning

27.       at 12.06 I went to Diekikon.  I sent boy to Seroldsure, but L. had no time. Washing.  Lodging Hotel Adler.


Tuesday L. came with Baby to

28        Alstetten then we went to Zurich. Lodging Hotel Herschen with Baby. hot day.

Wed.    L. went home at 12.06

29        Return herself at 4.15 to Alstetten, thence to Zurich left Zurich at 5.53 for Luzern.  Hotel Jara at Pilatus St. Rain all night.  I left my umbrella at Zurich – lost

Page 51


Wed     Zurich – Luzern

29.       Louise new Waist at

Globus cost                                          9.75

Tickets to Luzern ????

Return Schronz                         16.70

Lodging and supper                              9.30

Trinkgld                                                1.20

Cigars all day                                          .60

Thur.    Breakfast                                  1.20

30        Umbrella                                  3.50

            1 bottle Bier in Shipp                  .60

            Cigars                                        .40

            Cards of ????                             .20

Supper at Hotel Krone

            Altdorf Uri                                3.60

            Lodging                                    4.—

            2 Bier Syrup                               .80

Page 52


Luzern  June  30.  Thurs.

Thurs.   Rain all morning.

30.       We visited Albert at Kantoisspital Luzern.

Dinner in Luzern.  We left Luzern at 2.15 for Shipp-Schiller for Flueley-Thence on Car for Altdorf. Lodging at Hotel Krone.  this evening we visited Schatdorf and the District must ruined by high water of Schachen.


Friday July 1. – 1910.

fine warm morning. We visited Burglen & Schatdorf left Burgler for Altorf at Noon.  Albot to Flueleu on Street Car.  Thence by rail for Schwiz.  Dinner at Hotel  Ochsee.  ???


Page 53


Luzern June 30. –


30.       Breakfast                                  1.20

            Umbrella                                  3.50

            Dinner & drinks                        3.65






Page 54


July 1910


1.         partly sunshine & rain left Schwiz at 4 for Einsiedeln.  Lodging at Hotel Waldstaff Mr Waldvogel.  Good hotel.

Sat.      morning fair afternoon rain

2.         Visited Panorama of Chrsity at Einsiedeln.  (Note:  Internet search located town of Einsiedeln, Switzerland.  It is a famous tourist site; attractions include “Black Madonna” and “Panorama of the Crucifixion.”)  Left Einsiedeln at 5.05 for Wadenswil-Zurich. from Wadenswil to Glarus.  Lodging in Glarus al Kobel Schwazerhof. Rain at night.


Sun      Rain & windy Sunday morning

July      We went to Schwarnhohe

3.         saw Klonthalen See.  Ferienhaein not finished.  at 4 p.m. we returned to Hotel for supper left Glarus at 5.27 for Weesee.


Page 55


July 1910


3.         Weesee. Cloudy.

Lodging at Hotel Adler.  Bakery had my shoe fixed at Weesee.  Rain most all day Sunday.



4.         After breakfast we left Hotel Adler at Weesee for Amden.  Horrible rain & wind when we came to Amden.  Lodging at Hotel Z. frohen Ausicht Mr. hefli.


Tues.    Cloudy & rainy all day.

5          Left Weesee at 12.15 p.m. for Pffafikon am Z. See thence to Rapperswil. Lodging Hotel Hirschen.  mr. Widener – Magid Sophie Sheuer.  (Note:  Internet search found Rapperswil, small city on Lake Zurich – Zurich See in German.  There is a “Hotel Hirschen” in Rapperswil that is 400 years old – appears to be the hotel where they stayed  Pffafikon is a nearby city on Lake Zurich.  The description of Rapperswil and Pffafikon states that they were linked by an ancient footbridge that was later replaced with a rock dam; the footbridge was rebuilt in 2001.  The original footbridge must be the one referred to on the next page.)


Page 56


July 1910


6          Rain all day.  We left Rapperswil for Pffafikon on foot over bridge.  Train left Pffafikon at 12.41 for Zurich.  Lunch Dinner Johanniten.  We visited Stadttheater. Miss El. Duneau play Fer??????? & girls.  Lodging at Hotel Baren.


Thur     Rain most all day.

7.         We left Hotel Baren at 9. o’clock a.m. Louise left for home at 11.18 a.m.  I went to Alsfetten with Louise sent my trunk to Elgg ???. Lodging at Pfauen.  Volkart.


Fri        Clearing partly sunshine.

8.         I went to Elgg at 1.35 to Mrs. Muller-Schreiner.


Page 57


July 1910


8.         I left Elgg at 7.44 for Aurich.  Hotel Pfauer. at Elgg I met Mr. Gloor. Steiner-Buchi.  wrote letter to L. at Geroldwil.

Sat       fine cool day.  sunshine.

9.         draw 100. frs on Bank.  Waited for Louise at Altstetten & Schlieren from 12 to 4 p.m.  Dinner at Ekstein-engshouger.  Wrote letter to L. at Braun-Haller. z.  Waldernau at ????.  L. did not come.  Lodging at Rossli.

Sun      fine warm day

10.       L. received my letters, but did not come – her parents went to Baden – albert left at 2. p.m. for Zurich.  I remained at Geroldswil all day & night.  Kaut.-Turnfest. Biergarten.  Rain at night.


Page 58


July 1910


11.       Cludy & partly rain all day.

at home at Geroldswil.

Tues.    partly fair with showers

12        We left Geroldswil at 1. p.m. for Zurich.  Dinner at Uhlers. Thence we left for Winterthur.  Thence to long wait for Elgg so we return for Zurich for Seenachtfest.  Lodging at Hotel Hirschen.  (Note:  “Seenachtfest” is a festival held every three years – cannot determine exactly where it is held as I found references to Seenachtfest – “Lake at Night Festival” – associated with several cities near Zurich, around Lake (See) Zurich.)

Wed     partly rain and sunshine.

13.       at noon we left for elgg. Supper at Rest. Banhof.  Left Elgg at 7.40 for Zurich.  Lodging at Hirschen. 22

Thur.    fine hot day

14        We went home Geroldswit at 5 p.m. Sleeping at home last.


Page 59


July 1910

Fri.       last Bauipur east home (????)

15.       I left Geroldswil at 7.30 a.m. for Dietikon.  Met. Mr. Morf Baker left Dietikon 8.40 for Zurich.  Draw 200 frs on Bank.

1. Twenty dollar piece left Zurich at 2.55 for St. Gallen.  Lodging at Hotel Sego.  St. Gallen.  fine warm day.

Mr. Konig

Saturday July 16

very hot all day

Went to see Mr. Keel to take course in décor apartment with Konigs came to Flawil Wednesday.

Saturday 6.10 I left for Trauer.

???? – Mr. Rollo


Page 60


July 1910 – A????


17.       at Wallhalla St. Gall.  I met Mr. Fuschkneckt left St. Gall at 6.10 for Flawil. Slept at Hotel Krone. Frick.  Met Joseph Fust.


Sunday July 18

very hot day.  Rained night.

Joseph & ??? went to Mr. Vogel at Rest. Naeffgall.  Slept at Joe Lust.

Mon     Rain most all day

19.       St. Gallen. Braudenborg.

Imauen was sick all day.

Tue      partly rain

20.       W visited Anton

            Schenk ?????? (2)

Still sick & cough


Page 61


Wed.    partly Rain.

21.       sent letter to Louise.  New pants for Anton.  Was in St. Gall by Keel have to wait till Monday.





Page 62




Page 63






Page 64




Page 65




Page 66


Louise Mayer

Chargasse 10.

2 Etage



Page 67


Mr. Walter Landolt, Jr



(Note:  Following is written in German – will transcribe as best I can.)








Marie Mohler



St. Gall


Page 68




Page 69


A.  Lemadeni.

Kins Krone

im ???????

St. Gallen


(Note:  Following entries seem to be in 1908 – preceding entries were in 1909 and 1910.)


Oct. 14.  Louise & myself

going to Flawil.

            ticket                            10.60

Travel to Umasch                       4.90

Lodging Hotel Krone

14 & 15 Oct. 08.—


Hacht Supper

Musich & Wine Cigar               5.—

20 Doll goldpiece lost


Page 70


Bachman – Flawil

Fruh  Flwail

A. Frick  Hotel Krone



Zurich Informat. Bureau

Sonnengua. 18.

                        Zurich 1.—


B?????  ???

            Prevate Detective Bureau

Zurich 1. metropol.

Tel. 849


Page 71


Yakob Rathmann




Rosa Niederer





Page 72


Expenses Sept 7 08

1 ???. Bliss                   42.50


Bahnhoff ??                  13.65

2 collars                         1.60

???? ???? – 4                 5.60

Breakfast                        1.60


7.         ????

            2 wekeratoff     6.40

            Wool included

            Hotel Lowen

            1. flashe Bier

            2. Schubba


Page 73


Reisen: Sept.

Thursday Sept. 24 to Zurich lodging Hotel Goldenen Sternen.


Friday 25.  Gottfried

Keller Strasse corner


Sat. Sep. 26.  Horgen

Dinner by Mr. Streull

at Eve Sat. ?????

(Note:  Notes on the bottom half of this page are written in purple pencil, in German, and appear to be a listing of expenses.)


Page 74


Baden Sonntag 4. Oct.


(Note:  First four lines on this page are written in brown ink, in German.  First word on first line appears to be “Louise” but may not be.  Will not attempt to transcribe.)

8.  Lunch Stop at Wollishofee Schudel.

Sunday Oct 9 is es oss an sleeping at Glausen.

11.  Umaseh Thalmain

12.  ???????


antan Fruett.

21.  St. Gallen.  ???? Blaser.

22.  Lodging Hotel Blume & 2

Return same day     coffee

(Note:  Written at the bottom of this page, upside down, in different handwriting, in German.)

3 Meter wollstuff fur Blouse

a – 2 – 10 – 6 Fr – 30.

4 Meter Barokey a 75 – 3 Fr.


Page 75


Leaves August 6 – Thursday

Steamer Savoie

Jacob Morf

b.  Alleit Jager


Camp. ???. Transatlantic

Station Schuerzeubach


Page 76


Louise Schlatter



61. – 63.  Greenwich St.

2. Trunks – Hotel Grutti


Page 77


June 2, 1908

Memphis. Tenn

Knoblauch Wurst

Abstract & DEED.

Chewing gum.

Wine Balls.

Cheese. Tonic.

Ansicht Karten.

Beker zum


Men’s clothing


(Note:  entries below are written upside down if approached from the front of the book..)


Page 78


Memphis Aug 8


Breakfast at Frys

            Ammonia                          .90

            Chocolate                     $3.00

            Sausage                          1

            Cheese                           1.30

            ???? ????                       1

            D  F  ??.                         1

Taloe Paper ????                      12.80

Check f Mothershed                 10.—

            Yeast bill                      1.50


Page 79



Memphis June 11.


Memphis  July 1.


Joe  Barkl

122 Ex. St.


122 Exchange St.


in regard to ornamenting


Erlach St.




Page 80


Memphis.  May 8.

1. lb of Tartaric acid

1. box ginger

1. Box almond paste

1.  Sausage. – good

1 Gasoline stove




Page 81


Memphis Bill


Senatobia Jan. 3. 1904

Union Standard ????

1 box of cheroots


Memphis  Feby – 4.

Feb  4.  Cheese


            Cigars. five cents

            Grate to Bekeooen




Page 82


Mrs. Goldstein.


Please let Mr. Schlatter have the cloths I have left behind in Herman’s Valise.  April 1st 1903

John Loveman


Page 83


Memphis March 27 – 28

Left Sunday 4.30


Alarm clock



pay Oliver Finnie

Pay National Candy Comp.


2 Box cigars



Page 84


Memphis Nov. 11  Wed


Tartaric acid

Figs in packages


Call on Wessendorf.



1. quart of Vanilla.

½ gall of Whiskey


2 bucet of Jelly




Page 85


Memphis  Oct. 17. 03


4. pans


out bottom measure                  10.inch

length out side                           24.—


Cupcake pans


Strawberry coloring


Raisins & currants.


Angel food pans.




Page 86


Adolph Schlatter (Note:  Name is stamped at top of page.)

present address

Adolph Schlatter

Senatobia Miss

City Bakery




North Broadway




(Note: The following is stamped on bottom half of page.)


Adolph Schlatter




  Candies, Fruits and Cigars

SENATOBIA              MISS.




  Candies, Fruits and Cigars

SENATOBIA              MISS.



Page 87



City Bakery




Tate County


Adolph Schlatter (stamped)


Louise Schlatter, Kleiner





  Candies, Fruits and Cigars

SENATOBIA              MISS.



Back cover

(Note:  Written in pencil on back cover.)


A. Schlatter

Tate Co.  Bakery

Adolph Schlatter

Senatobia Miss

City Bakery


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