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I don't claim to be a master gardener -- I just dig in the dirt and hope for the best.   My favorite flowers are rose and iris.  We moved frequently during our 28 years in the Army and many times we planted rose and iris beds, only to abandon them after a couple of years.

Two years ago I put in some roses at our home in NE TN -- had a tough time with them, lost 4 of 12 bushes.  I'm still not certain what happened but I suspect fungus got to them.  I nursed the remainder back to health and this summer -- 2002 -- we have some nice blossoms.

These two are spectacular.  The rose is "Veterans Honor" from Jackson and Perkins.  As you see, it's a deep red rose with a classic shape to the bud and the flower; it has a light fragrance.  Here are two examples.  The one on the top has been in a small vase for a week and the blossom is still perfect.  The rose in the bottom photo was cut this morning (July 28, 2002).

vets-hnr-1.jpg (144201 bytes)

This blossom has been in the vase for 7 days.  Look at the shape and color -- just about perfect.

vets-hnr-2.jpg (134236 bytes)

This one was cut five minutes before the photo was made.



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