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Meade LPI

This is my first successful (success is relative) photo using my Meade Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI).

January 10, 2004
2215 EST

Not exactly in focus but I'll keep working on it.

Saturn-3.jpg (2110 bytes)

If you are thinking of purchasing the LPI and Autostar Suite, I recommend it -- BUT -- it's challenging to use it on a small scope.  Do not think you will set it up, slap the LPI in your scope, and start taking pictures.  It's not that simple.  The problem is that the LPI is a 6mm eyepiece -- that's high magnification -- in my ETX-90 with 1250mm focal length it's 208X and that's a lot of magnification for this small scope.   My problem was finding Saturn.  I would center Saturn in my reticle eyepiece, remove the eyepiece and insert the LPI -- and see nothing.  It took a dozen or so tries but finally I found Saturn in the LPI and took this photo.  Now, I need to focus better.  I'll continue fiddling with it and continue posting pictures.




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