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Meade LPI Image Processing
Questions:  HELP!!

You should have come to this page from a plea for help that I posted on the alt.telescopes.meade newsgroup.  Here's the story.

I have a Meade LPI and the Meade Autostar Suite.  I am using the LPI with an ETX-90 scope -- I realize the small aperture scope may not be the best choice for imaging but I have also seen very good images shot through the ETX-90 using the LPI.  I set up my LPI and a 20mm eyepiece to be parfocal.  I focussed on the moon with the eyepiece, pulled out the eyepiece, inserted the LPI, and got an image on the computer screen.  I set the Autostar Suite to take 50 images and to autotrack -- I put the cursor on a point on the image and the scope tracked that point perfectly.  I then saved the image(s) as .jpg and tried image processing.  Here is the result.

This is a screen shot of the moon .jpg file as shown in Microsoft Image Composer.

scrnshot-3.jpg (45761 bytes)


This is what I saw when I opened the Autostar Suite Image Processing function and tried to process the moon3.jpg image.

scrnshot-1.jpg (69968 bytes)



scrnshot-2.jpg (72536 bytes)



What am I doing wrong?  When the LPI takes a series of images, should I save the images as .jpg file, or, as the FTI or whatever it is that Meade uses?

Thanks for your assistance.




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