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I am an amateur radio operator, call sign W4HH.  I was first licensed in 1958 at age 14 -- my junior high school sciene teaher was an amateur radio operator, W4UVU, and he inspired several of us to earn our licenses.  Since then, amateur radio has been my hobby -- I've been very active at times and not very active at other times.

I obtained my first amateur radio operator's license in November 1958 -- Novice Class, KN4FPT.  A few months later I upgraded to Technician Class, K4FPT.  Here's my license history:

  • Novice, KN4FPT, November 1958;

  • Technician, K4FPT, February 1959;

  • Advanced, K4FPT, April 1979;

  • Extra, K4FPT, September 1992;

  • Received vanity call W4HH, January 6, 1997.

  • While stationed in Japan, July 1990 - July 1993, I held Japanese amateur radio license 7J1AJJ.

I have had a number of stations, some very simple, some complicated.  Now that we have settled down in Northumberland County, Virginia, I have put up a small station in my home.

My Amateur Radio Hobby

Here are links to pages on this website about various aspects of my amateur radio hobby..

My  current station

What is amateur radio?

My low-power (QRP) radios

Morse Code

My solar-powered station

QRP rigs from Small Wonder Labs

An old Vibroplex "bug" with an interesting history

More to follow from time to time


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